Italian Buckthorn

UnknownItalian Buckthorn (Rhamnus alaternus), evergreen, fast growth to 12-15 feet in height with an equal spread, dense rounded growth habit, tiny green-yellow flowers produce small black fruit, full sun to part shade, drought tolerant, use as fast growing screen or hedge. Variegated available.


Grown for form and foliage; clusters of small flowers are rather inconspicuous. Used chiefly as background plantings, hedges. Berries (typically pea size) are enjoyed by birds.


Rhamnus alaternus 

Native to Mediterranean region, this plant has oval, shiny bright green leaves to 2 in. long and small black berries. Easily trained as single- or multitrunked tree. Takes well to shearing and shaping. Tolerates heat; does well with little or no water but also accepts regular watering. Fairly deer resistant.



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