30 Aug

Dracaena (Cordyline) evergreen shrub or small tree, 3 ft. to over 20 ft. in height depending on variety, single or multi-stemmed – branches high on trunk, foliage may be red, purple, green and sometimes striped with other colors, full sun to light shade, drought tolerant, good container plant.

Cordylines are grown in  for their handsome long leaves, small tree-like growth and remarkably colored foliage. The name Cordyline comes from the greek word, ‘kordyle’, for club in reference to the typical club-like root.

Many of these plants grow in a tropical environment and make colorful house plants, but there are many varieties that grow well outdoors in our Bay Area climate. Cordylines have been developed for their colorful leaves streaked and blushed with brilliant magentas, greens, yellows, whites and pinks. They are useful to add a vertical effect in the garden. The long, clustered leaves can give a tropical effect when used around water, like a swimming pool or fountain. The sparse habit of growth can be equally effective in a cactus/succulent garden or a drought-tolerant design. Use them in groups or as taller focal points in the garden. They make a nice contrast to the usual rounded green shrub-like form of most green plants.


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