Baby’s Breath

8 Jun

Baby’s Breath (Gypsophila paniculata), evergreen to deciduous, sprawling growth habit to 3 feet in height with an equal spread, loose open sprays of small white flowers summer through earl fall, gray-green foliage, full sun, regular water, good cut flower.

Gypsophila are slender-stemmed, much-branched plants are upright or spreading, ranging from 3 in. to 4 ft. tall. Bloom is profuse in summer, covering plants in clusters of tiny single or double flowers in white, pink, or rose. Leaves (sparse when plants are in bloom) are typically blue green.

Gypsophila paniculata is native to central Asia, central and eastern Europe. This is the classic filler in bouquets. To 3 ft. or taller and as broad. Slender, sharp-pointed leaves 2 1/2 to 4 in. long. Single white flowers about 1/16 in. across, hundreds in a spray. ‘Bristol Fairy’ is an improved, more billowy form to 4 ft. high, covered with double blossoms 1/4 in. wide.


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