Featherleaf Rodgersflower

15 May

Featherleaf Rodgersflower (Rodgersia pinnata ‘Elegans’), deciduous 3-5 ft. in height with an equal spread, mounded growth habit, rose pink flowers on 2-4 foot stalks in summer, very large deep green leaves, rich soil, regular water to boggy conditions, part shade.

Native to China, Japan. Large plants with imposing leaves and clustered tiny flowers in plumes somewhat like those of astilbe; bloom in early to midsummer. Primary feature is handsome foliage, which often takes on bronze tones in late summer. Plants spread by thick rhizomes, need rich soil. The various species hybridize freely. Dormant in winter; provide winter mulch in cold climates. Showy in moist woodland or bog gardens.

Rodgersia aesculifolia

To 6 ft. tall, 3 ft. wide. Leaves are divided like fingers of hand into five to seven tooth-edged, 10-in. leaflets; they are similar to those of horsechestnut (Aesculus). Shaggy brown hairs on flower stalks, leaf stems, major leaf veins. White flowers.

Rodgersia pinnata

To 4 ft. tall, 2 1/2ft.wide. Leaves have five to nine 8-in. leaflets. Red flowers.

Rodgersia podophylla

To 5 ft. tall, 6 ft. wide. Coppery green leaves divided into five 10-in.-long leaflets. Creamy flowers.


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