Maidenhair Tree Fern

14 May

Maidenhair Tree Fern (Didymochlaena truncatula), evergreen fern, 3-4 feet in height, old plants develop a short trunk, deep lustrous green fronds, very graceful appearance, best with consistent moisture, shade to deep shade, a favorite among fern lovers.

So far only one species of this genus has been reported officially. An attractive bold growing fern.  New fronds are distintive chocolate brown, which later turns to reddish pink and becomes dark green at maturity. Alternate compound pinnas are arranged on strong thick black stalks. Stalk grooved with hairy brown scales. Old and mature plant develops small trunk with small plantlets. Elongated brown sori 4 to 7 in numbers arranged just below the margin of pinna. Clear depressions of the sori appears at the upper surface of the fronds. Plant grows erect with slight arching at the tip. Very hardy


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