13 Apr

Iochroma, evergreen shrub, fast growth to 1-10 feet in height, 3-4 ft. spread, upright growth gabit, large pendant blooms in purple, blue, and other colors, long blooming, full sun to part shade, regular water, deer resistant, blooms are poisonous, Brugmansia relative.

These fast-growing, vining shrubs have drooping tubular or trumpet-shaped flowers in clusters of up to 20 near ends of branches. Blooms from early spring through fall—or year-round in frost-free areas. Leaves 5–8 in. long, 1 1/2–3 in. wide. Fruits are pulpy berries. From the forests of Central andSouth America.

Lax growth is best staked up, espaliered, or draped over a fence or wall. Prune selectively to maintain size and shape—and to keep flowers coming. Avoid pruning in late fall or when cold weather approaches. Hard pruning delays bloom.

Iochroma cyaneum grows to 8 ft. or more, with dull dark green leaves. Stems and new shoots covered with soft, grayish down. Narrow trumpets are 2–3 in. long. Blossom color of seedlings varies from blues through violets and deep reds to purplish rose and pink. All have a metallic sheen. Buy plants in bloom to get the color you want, or select named varieties. ‘Indigo’ is glossy violet-blue; ‘Royal Blue’ is a lighter, more brilliant blue; and ‘Sky King’ is a pure light blue. ‘Peachy Keen’ has peachy red flowers; ‘Royal Queen Purple’ has bright purple flowers.


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