Satsuma Mandarin Orange

2 Apr

Satsuma Mandarin Orange (Mandarin ‘Owari Satsuma’), evergreen shrub or small tree, to 15-20 feet in height, can be grown in containers, fragrant white flowers in spring, medium sized fruit is flavorful, fruit ripens December through April, needs sun, drought tolerant, one of the best adapted to Bay Area climate.

The Owari satsuma is more cold-hardy than other citrus, with established trees surviving temperatures of 15 degrees. Owari satsumas are also slower growing than other mandarins, so they do very well on semi-dwarfing rootstock. The low, spreading growth habit of this citrus tree is charming, with slightly drooping leaves. And there’s nothing more exciting in the gardening world than picking your very own mandarin orange, peeling the loose skin and enjoying the fruits of your labor.


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