Curly Tipped Sedge (aka New Zealand Hair Sedge)

20 Dec

Curly Tipped Sedge (Carex comans ‘Frosted Curl’), evergreen clumping grass to 8-12 inches in height with equal spread, fine gray-green leaves are heavily curled near the tip, full sun to part shade, moderate water, other colors available.

This is an eye-catching, useful selection of a sedge native to New Zealand. The slender arching, grassy leaves grow in a wide clump that resembles a fountain. They are silvery-green and seem to shimmer when blown by a breeze. Though it much resembles an ornamental grass, it comes from a different family all together, and like many of its fellow sedges, is more versatile than grasses, being tolerant of both full sun and partial sun and moist to almost-wet soils, and not attractive to deer. The tiny flowers appear in clusters atop thin stems in mid-summer. The narrow leaves give this plant its common name, hair sedge. They are evergreen in warm climates, perennial in colder climates, where they wither and brown in autumn but nonetheless lend color to the winter garden. Remove them in late winter to make way for the new leaves in spring.

Grow this plant in sun to partial shade in moist, well-drained soil. Use it for its contrasts of texture and habit in containers, mixed beds and mixed borders. Or plant it as edging for walkways, or massed as a groundcover.


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