20 Sep

Silverbush (Convolvulus cneorum) evergreen shrub, fast growth to 2.5 ft. with an equal spread, large 1 inch white or pink tinted flowers bloom spring to fall, silver-gray foliage, full sun, drought tolerant, deer resistant.

Bush Morning Glory is a sprawling shrubby evergreen perennial. It forms a silvery mound of soft silky foliage to 12- 30 inches tall and spreading to 3 feet wide. Showy white morning glory blossoms appear from late spring to early fall. Plant in full sun or part shade. This plant even tolerates reflected heat exposures, and is often planted in roadway medians. This plant is susceptible to rotting out, so a well-drained soil is essential. Even in ideal conditions it tends to be short-lived. Bush Morning Glory works well in rock gardens, containers, foreground plantings, and in exposed locations.


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