Tiger Flower

27 Jul

Tiger Flower (Tigridia pavonia), exotic deciduous bulb, very vertical clumping growth to 3 ft. in height, large bright white to orange bowl-shaped flowers in summer, full sun to part shade, drought tolerant, naturalizes, very dramatic flowers last only one day.

Mexican native with flashy summertime flowers. Fans of narrow, swordlike, ribbed leaves to 1 1/2 ft. long send up erect, 2 1/2-ft. flower stems bearing triangular blossoms that can be 6 in. across. Flowers have three large outer segments in orange, red, pink, yellow, or white; cuplike center and three small inner segments are usually boldly blotched with contrasting color. (Immaculata strain is unspotted.) Each flower lasts only one day, but the bloom period usually lasts for several weeks.

Tigridia is a genus of about 30 species mainly from Mexico and Guatemala in the Iridaceae family. They produce a succession of short lived flowers which are usually in bright colours. The rootstock is a tunicated bulb, found from 3 to 15 cm deep in the wild. Bulbs are never found to offset in the wild. Leaves are pleated in a broad fan. The best known species is Tigridia pavonia whose flowers are 10-15cm (4 -6 inches) across in red, orange, yellow or white variously blotched in the centre. They commence growth in spring and generally die back during autumn. Many species are easy to grow in pots, but survive best if protected from rain in the winter.


Tigridia augusta, Dennis SzeszkoTigridia chiapensis, Alfredo Gómez LópezTigridia durangense, Rogan RothTigridia mexicana, Dennis SzeszkoTigridia orthantha, Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens, Mary Sue IttnerTigridia pavonia, Ellen Hornig Tigridia vanhouttei, Dennis Szeszko

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