27 Jun


Knotweed (Persicaria microcephala), semi-evergreen to deciduous, 3-4 feet in height with an equal to much greater spread, sprawling growth habit, small puffs of white flowers in late summer, large pointed green or burgundy foliage, full sun to part shade, somewhat drought tolerant but prefers regular water, provides excellent foliage color.


Knotweed is a fabulous perennial, which emerges in spring with dark burgundy-red stems that form a 3-4′ tall x 4-5′ wide plant. Each stem is lined with exquisite, tricolor, chevron-patterned leaves of purple, silver, and green. From midsummer through fall, the tips of the plant are covered in tiny, white baby’s-breath-like flowers. Persicaria ‘Red Dragon’ is great in the perennial border as well as in a mixed container planting. In climates with hot nights, the intensity of the leaf coloration will not be as dramatic. Persicaria ‘Red Dragon’ is not a runner, but tips that touch the ground may root down if the soil is moist.





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