Chinese Fringe Flower

15 May

Chinese Fringe Flower (Loropetalum chinense), evergreen, slow growth to 6 ft. in height with equal spread, horizontal growth habit, foliage can be bright green to deep burgundy, flowers white to bright pink heaviest in spring, some all year, sun to shade, regular water, prune to shape. If located at the edge of a retaining wall, Loropetalum can be pruned to cascade over the wall.

The white-flowering type, Loropetalum chinense, has been around for years and is truly a good dependable shrub, but it has never been widely grown. A pink-flowering version, Loropetalum c. rubrum, a relative newcomer to garden centers, has really popularized the plant. Some of the pink bloomers can be found under names such as ‘Blush,’ ‘Burgundy,’ ‘Sizzlin’ Pink,’ ‘Razzleberri,’ and ‘Rubrum.’ Their airy ribbonlike blooms are striking, and some selections sport showy purple-green to burgundy foliage.


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