29 Apr

Persimmon, fruit bearing deciduous tree to 25 feet in height, dwarf varieties available, can by kept to any height through pruning. Many varieties are self fertile, fruit ripens in the fall once the leaves have dropped, part to full sun, requires some summer water when young.

Native to Japan and China, persimmons have  a handsome branch pattern and are one of the best fruit trees for ornamental use; makes a good small shade tree or espalier. Leaves are light green when new, maturing to dark green. Foliage turns yellow or orange in fall. After leaves drop brilliant orange-scarlet, sweet fruits emerge.

There are a number of dwarf and semi-dwarf persimmon trees, including the Nightingale variety. Persimmons can be grafted on dwarf root stocks, and do well when grown in large pots.  Louisiana State University suggests that persimmons do best in partial sun or partial shade. The persimmon fruit can range in flavor from flat and astringent to sweet, depending on the variety.


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