Mock Orange

24 Apr

Mock Orange (Philadelphus virginalis), deciduous shrub, loos open growth habit 6-8 ft. in height with equal spread, very fragrant white blossoms in spring to early summer, reddish bark, full sun to part shade, somewhat drought tolerant, good informal screen plant, deer resistant.

Grown for white or cream-colored, usually fragrant flowers that bloom in late spring or early summer. Blossoms are four petaled, typically 1–2 in.wide; they range from single to fully double. Plants are generally large and vigorous, with fountainlike form. Oval, 2–4-in.- long leaves (typically medium green in color) are arranged in pairs along the stems. Prune every year just after bloom, cutting out oldest wood and surplus shoots at base. To rejuvenate, cut to the ground. Taller types are striking planted in lawns and as background and corner plantings; smaller kinds can be used near foundations or planted as low screens or informal hedges. Buy this plant in bloom to check for best fragrance. Not fussy about soil type but must have good drainage.

Philadelphus coronarius

Philadelphus coronarius

From southern Europe, Caucasus. Strong-growing old favorite to 10–12 ft. tall and wide. Clusters of especially fragrant, 1 1/2-in., white to cream flowers.

Philadelphus lewisii

Native to western North America; the state flower of Idaho. Fountain-shaped, loosely branched shrub 4–10 ft. tall, typically broader than high. Satiny single, white flowers to 2 in. across. Tolerates some aridity.


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