True Myrtle

14 Apr

True Myrtle (Myrtus communis), evergreen shrub or tree, moderate growth to 5-6 ft. in height, taller when grown as a tree, 4-5 ft. spread, sweet scented white flowers in summer, foliage is aromatic when bruised, full sun to part shade, drought tolerant, deer resistant.

From the Mediterranean. Rounded plant is bulky and dense but has fine-textured foliage. Reaches 5 to 6 ft. high and 4 to 5 ft.wide (as much as 15 ft. by 20 ft. in old age). Glossy bright green leaves are pointed, 2 in. long, pleasantly aromatic when bruised or brushed against. White, sweet-scented, 3/4-in. flowers with many stamens bloom in summer followed by bluish black, 1/2-in. berries.

Takes any soil, but good drainage is essential.

Makes a good informal hedge or screen, requiring little or no pruning; as a specimen shrub, it can be selectively pruned to reveal limb structure. Withstands shearing into formal hedges and topiary.



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