Compact Strawberry Tree

14 Apr

Compact Strawberry Tree (Arbutus unedo ‘Compacta’), evergreen tree or shrub to 8-12 ft. in height, single or multi-trunked, clusters of white flowers fall and winter, large orange/red/yellow fruit, full sun to part shade, drought tolerant, prune to expose interesting bark, deer resistant, resistant to oak root fungus.

All have ornamental bark, clusters of little urn-shaped flowers, decorative edible fruit, handsome foliage.

Provide good drainage, especially if plant receives regular water.

Thin growth of all types as needed.

Arbutus unedo

Arbutus unedo

Slow to moderate growth to 8–35 ft.with equal spread. Normally has basal suckers, stem sprouts.

Can thin branches to make open-crowned tree, or plant several and leave unpruned to make screen. Trunk and branches have rich red-brown, shredding bark; tend to become twisted and gnarled in age.

Dark green, handsome, red-stemmed leaves are oblong and 2–3 in. long. Clusters of small white or greenish white, urn-shaped flowers and round, 3/4 in. fruit, yellow (young) and red (mature), like strawberries in texture, appear at the same time in fall and winter; fruit is edible but usually mealy and bland in flavor. Individual plants may produce tasty fruit.


The plant will seldom exceed 10 ft. high


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