Mexican Bush Lobelia

26 Mar

Mexican Bush Lobelia (Lobelia laxiflora), sprawling perennial with fast growth to 2-3 ft. in height, 4-6 ft. across, colorful tubular flowers are orange/red with yellow tips, prolific bloom spring through summer, full sun, drought tolerant, attracts hummingbirds.

Lobelia laxiflora – Branches with narrow green leaves and red stems arise from underground rhizomes that spread outward, allowing a single plant to form a dense groundcover to 18 inches tall by many feet wide. At the tip of each stem are borne the 2 inch long bi-colored flowers, yellow on the inside with red on the outside. In Santa Barbara this plant is nearly always in bloom, with a peak bloom period in summer. Plant in full sun to light shade. Can tolerate little water but also grows well in moist soils where it can prove to be somewhat invasive. It is hardy to about 15 degrees F. The genus is named for Mathias de L’Obel (latinized to Matthaeus Lobelius) (1538 –1616), a Belgian botanist and physician to the royal families of the Netherlands. Native to Arizona, Mexico and Central America.



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