Silver Carpet

25 Mar

Silver Carpet (Dymondia margaretae), ground hugging perennial 1-3 in. in height, silvery foliage and small yellow daisy-like flowers in summer, drought resistant, likes full sun, tolerates some foot traffic, great between stepping stones.

This popular ground cover is native to South Africa. Forms a tight mat 2 to 3 in. high, spreading slowly by offsets to 20 in. wide. Narrow (1/8-in.), evergreen leaves are 2 to 3 in. long, deep grayish green above, rolled in at the edges to show cottony white undersides. Summer flowers are yellow, 1 to 1 1/2 -in.-wide daisies half-buried in the foliage. Deep roots give established plants considerable drought tolerance, but they’ll spread faster if watered. Used between paving blocks and stepping-stones, in rock gardens; can take light foot traffic.


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