Creeping Berry

19 Mar

Creeping Berry (Rubus pentalobus), evergreen shrub, slow to moderate growth to 12 in. in height with 3-4 ft. spread, creeping stems create a mat-like cover, white, star-shaped flowers, very dense, heavily wrinkled, glossy dark green leaves, sun to light shade, drought resistant, deer resistant, occasionally tip branches to create denser mat, good cascading over walls.

Rubus Pentalobus is an indestructible groundcover having three to five mallow-like lobed leaves that are heavily textured. The thick, neatly rounded leaves are emerald on the upper surface and gray beneath. White flowers are produced sporadically in early summer. Flowers are followed in fall by visually attractive golden fruits which although edible have little taste, and so may be left to wildlife. The undersides of the leaves turn bronzy in fall with the color persisting all winter.

This prostrate evergreen species groundcover should be grown in moderately fertile, well- drained soil in full sun or part shade. It is drought tolerant after establishment.

Although it is considered low maintenance, it spreads quickly and may need to be cut back if it outgrows its allotted garden space. It also roots along the stems, making propagation easy. This groundcover is impervious to weeds.

It produces a mass of richly textured leaves, making it an attractive groundcover for formal areas, rock gardens, or woodland beds. It is excellent under groves of birches or other groupings of trees.





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