Heavenly Bamboo

6 Mar

Heavenly Bamboo (Nandina domestica), evergreen shrub 6-8 ft, airy, upright clumping growth habit, pink to bronze new foliage becomes green with age, clusters of white flowers in late spring, produces berries if there is a second plant near-by, best in rich moist soil, good screen or container plant.

Slow to moderate growth. Old clumps may be wider than tall because of slow, steady spread by suckers. Leaves are divided into many 1–2-in. leaflets shaped like pointed ovals. Foliage emerges pinkish and bronzy red, then turns to soft light green; takes on purple and bronze tints in fall and often turns fiery crimson in winter, especially in a sunny location and with some frost.

A good filler in bouquets.

Pinkish white or creamy white blossoms in loose, erect, 6–12-in. clusters bloom at branch ends in late spring or early summer. If plants are grouped, shiny red berries follow the flowers; isolated plants seldom fruit heavily.



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