Snow in Summer

3 Mar

Snow in Summer (Cerastium tomentosum) 4-6 in., mat forming with small white flowers spring/summer, full sun to light shade.

This low-growing European native performs equally well in mild and cold climates, coastal and desert areas. Forms dense, tufty mats of silvery gray, 3/4-in. leaves; grows 6–8 in. high, spreads 2–3 ft. in a year. Bears masses of small, snow white flowers in early summer. Use as ground cover on slopes or level ground, as bulb cover, in rock gardens, for edging along paths, between stepping-stones.

Takes any soil as long as drainage is good. Set divisions or plants 1 to 1 1/2 ft. apart, or sow seed. To speed growth, watered regularly and fed two or three times a year. After bloom ends, shear off faded flower clusters or mow planting. May look a bit shabby in winter but revives rapidly in spring.


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