Lily Turf

3 Mar

Lily Turf (Liriope spicata) 12-24 in., grass-like evergreen, clusters of small lavender flowers in summer, good cut flower, sun to part shade.

These popular and durable plants from Asia form tufts of evergreen grasslike leaves and bear summer flowers in spikelike or branched clusters. Blossoms come in white and various shades of purple; some are quite showy.Last well in flower arrangements.Use as casual ground cover in small areas.Also attractive as borders along paths, between flower bed and lawn, among rock groupings, or in rock gardens.

Lirope spicata is a dense ground cover that grows 8 to 9 in. high and spreads widely by underground stems; can be invasive. Deep green, grasslike leaves are just 1/4 in. wide. Foliage is not as upright as that of Liriope muscari. Pale lilac to white flowers appear in spikelike clusters barely taller than the leaves. Set plants 1 ft. apart for quick cover.


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