3 Mar

Candytuft (Iberis), 4 to 12 inches, draping, white flowers in winter/early spring, full sun to part shade.

Free-blooming plants from southern and western Europe with clusters of white, lavender, lilac, pink, rose, purple, carmine, or crimson blossoms. Perennial candytufts flower from early spring to summer. Annual species bloom in spring and summer; they are most floriferous where summer nights are cool. Use all kinds in borders, containers, for cutting. Perennials are also good as edgings, in rock gardens, as small-scale ground covers.
All types need well-drained soil. In spring or (in mild climates) fall, sow seeds of annuals in place or in flats for later transplanting. Set out perennial plants in spring or fall. Shear lightly after bloom to stimulate new growth.

Iberis sempervirens

To a foot or more high and wide. Narrow, shiny dark green leaves are attractive all year. Pure white flower clusters carried on stems long enough to cut for bouquets.

Iberis umbellata

Bushy plants 12– 15 in. high, 9 in.wide. Lanceshaped leaves to 3 1/2 in. long; flowers in pink, rose, carmine, crimson, salmon, lilac, and white. Lower-growing strains Dwarf Fairy and Magic Carpet, available in the same colors, reach 6 in. high.


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