2 Mar

Wallflower (Erysimum), 1 to 3 feet, yellow or orange flowers throughout the year, loves sun and regular water.

 This genus swallowed up Cheiranthus, which included the old-fashioned biennial bedding-plant wallflowers and several choice perennials. All have the typical clustered four-petaled flowers that give the crucifers their name, but their habits and uses differ widely.

Erysimum cheiri 'English Wallflower'

Erysimum cheiri

Perennial in Zones 4–6, 14–17, 22, 23, but usually grown as a biennial or annual. From southern Europe. Best in cool, moist regions. Branching, woody-based plants 1–2 1/2 ft. tall, 1–1 1/2 ft. wide, with narrow bright green leaves and broad clusters of showy, sweet-scented flowers in spring. Blossoms are yellow, cream, orange, red, brown, or burgundy, sometimes shaded or veined with contrasting color.

Under ideal conditions in coastal Pacific Northwest  this perennial may bloom year-round. Sow seeds in spring for bloom the following year (some strains flower the first year if seeded early); or set out plants in fall or earliest spring. May self sow. Easy to care for and very floriferous, Wallflower is a great addition to the garden.


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