Japanes Anemone

2 Mar

Japanes Anemone (Anemone x hybrida), 1-3 ft., winter deciduous, pink or white flowers, light shade, will spread on its own.

Anemone includes rich and varied group of plants ranging in size from alpine rock garden miniatures to tall Japanese anemones grown in borders; bloom extends from very early spring to fall, depending on species.

Japanese Anemone have fibrous roots or creeping rhizomes or rootstocks, and spread easily when well located.

Anemone x hybrida is a long-lived, fibrous-rooted perennial indispensable for fall flower color. Graceful, branching stems 2–4 ft. high rise from clump of three- to five-lobed leaves covered with soft hairs. Single or semidouble flowers in white, silvery pink, or rose. Many named varieties are available.

Slow to establish, but once started it spreads readily if roots are not disturbed. Space plants 2 ft. apart. May need staking. Mulch in fall where winters are severe. Increase by divisions in fall or early spring or by root cuttings in spring. Effective in clumps in front of tall shrubbery or under high-branching trees.

‘Andrea Atkinson’

Grows 2 ft. tall and wide (5 ft. tall in bloom). This variety has semidouble white flowers with chartreuse centers surrounded by a little halo of yellow anthers.

‘Honorine Jobert’

Grows 2 ft. tall and wide (5 ft. in bloom), with white flowers, green center surrounded by yellow-orange anthers. Leaves are dark green, maple shaped.


Grows 2 ft. tall, 18 in. wide, 3 ft. tall in flower. Double flowers are rose red, with a central brush of yellow stamens.


Grows 1 ft. tall, 1 to 2 ft. wide, with flowers rising 2 ft. Blooms are double, deep pink.


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