2 Mar

Hyssop (Agastache), 2-3 ft. pink or apricot flowers on spikes summer to fall, great fragrance and attracts hummingbirds, full sun, drought tolerant and deer resistant

Most gardeners know Agastache as anise hyssop, the spiky, blue-flowered plant that smells like anise or licorice. Anise hyssop is a versatile plant that will attract plenty of butterflies in its own right, but there is more variety out there in the world of Agastache. ‘Ava’ belongs to a group of Agastache commonly called the Hummingbird Mints. The pinkish red flowers start blooming in late summer and stay blooming for weeks. They even seem to get more intense in color as the season progresses.

Agastache are hardy, drought tolerant, low maintenance plants, but they need to get acclimated before they really take off. They like a rich soil and seem to over winter better if you don’t cut them back until spring. Once established, you’ll become an addict and want every new Agastache that comes on the market. Once the butterflies are done with them, you can cut them for dried flowers, as well.


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