2 Mar

Geum, 1 to 2 feet, evergreen, orange, red or yellow flowers spring/summer, full sun, good cut flower.

Double, semidouble, or single roselike flowers in bright orange, yellow, or red over long season (spring to late summer) if dead blooms are removed. Handsome foliage, with leaves divided into many leaflets; evergreen except in coldest winters. Good in borders and for cut flowers. Ordinary garden soil; need good drainage. Grow from seed sown in early spring, or divide plants in autumn or early spring.

Geum chiloense

Native to Chile. Foliage mounds to 15 in. high, 2 ft. wide. Leafy flowering stems to 2 ft. high carry flowers about 1 1/2 in. across. Single and double varieties include flowers in shades of yellow through orange and red.


Geum coccineum

From the Balkans, Asia Minor. Grows 12 to 20 in. tall and wide, with coarsely divided foliage and brick red, 1 1/2-in. flowers.


Geum triflorum

Native to North America. Foot-wide leafy mound produces stems to 20 in. tall, each bearing clusters of nodding maroon flowers. Entire plant is often furry. Seeds have long, feathery gray tails.


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