Pacific Coast Iris

27 Feb

Pacific Coast Iris, 1-2 ft., evergreen, flowers in white, rose, lavender and other colors, full sun to shade, deer resistant, drought resistant, naturalizes ,native.

Eleven species native to Pacific Coast states constitute a homogeneous group within the genus Iris, from which breeders have developed hybrids in a broad range of colors and patterns; flowers may be white, blue shades, pink, copper, brown, maroon, violet—many with elaborate veining or patterning. Foliage is narrow; clumps are like coarse grass. Slender flower stems reach 8 to 24 in., depending on variety.

Best conditions are sun to light shade, well-drained soil, moderate to scant water in summer. Intense heat coupled with water and poor drainage caan be fatal; in clay soil, grow in raised beds in organically amended soil. Plant from containers any time, though spring and fall are best, Timing is critical in digging, dividing, and replanting. Best moment is when new roots are starting to form (scrape away soil at plant base to check); this ranges from early fall in colder regions to midwinter in mild-winter areas.


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