Monkey Flower

27 Feb

Monkey Flower (Mimulus), 1-3 ft., orange, white, salmon, pink, copper flowers, native, drought tolerant, sun, deer resistant.

These plants are named for their funny-face-flowers that look like grinning Monkeys. The genus Mimulus is named for the Latin mimus, a comic actor or mime. The flowers in the genus Mimulus like moist areas in riparian corridors and aren’t very drought tolerant. Some Mimulus species are annuals that appear only when there is a source of constant moisture, seasonal creaks, seeps, ponds etc. Mimulus species are more herbaceous and often shorter. On the other hand, plants in the Genus Diplacus like dry rocky slopes. They can often be found growing in almost solid rock with very little moisture even on south facing slopes. They will often survive drought by going summer deciduous.Diplacus species are erect and woody in their growth habit. Monkey flowers are more floriferous in full sun but will tolerate part or even full shade.

California Diplacus species

These guys are general drought tolerant woody perennials that go sumer deciduous under stress.

Diplacus aurantiacus, Orange Bush Monkey Flower

Orange bush Monkey flower is cold tolerant to 12-15 deg. It can grow in any soil including serpentine but needs some drainage. Don’t over water! This wide ranging monkey flower can be found in the coast ranges from Santa Barbra to Del Norte County and in the foothills of the Sierras from Del Norte to Tuolumne county.

Diplacus aurantiacus tolerates part sun, clay, serpentine,and deer.
Diplacus aurantiacus, Sierra Monkey Flower

This cultivar of orange bush monkey flower is a little nicer that the general form. If you live in the sierras this form would be preferable. It also does well in the coast ranges. It especially likes Decomposed granite soil.

Diplacus aurantiacus Sierra monkey flower tolerates full sun, part sun,and deer.
Diplacus aurantiacus australis Ramona, Narrow Leaf Southern Monkey Flower

This monkey flower flowers like crazy. It, like most monkey flowers, likes rocky outcroppings. Placing a few rocks around them in your garden looks nice and makes them very happy. It is found in southern California.

Diplacus aurantiacus australis Ramona tolerates full sun, part sun,and deer.
Diplacus aurantiacus lompocensis, Lompoc Monkey Flower

This monkey flower does great along the coast.Lompoc monkey flower is a little lighter orange than the straitaurantiacus. It grows well along the coast as well as inland with a little shade. It grows in southern San Luis Obispo county to western Santa Barbra county around Lompoc.

Diplacus calycinus, Rock Monkey Flower

This light yellow monkey flower loves rocky areas. It grows under the protection of boulders or in rocky crevices and rocky outcroppings. This monkey flower is found from Fresno to Kern counties along the base of the sierras and strangely in the interior coast ranges of San Luis Obispo county. It is also found in the San Gabriel mountains to the mountains in north east San Diego county.

Diplacus calycinus tolerates full sun,and part sun.
Diplacus clevelandii, Clevelands Monkey flower

This yellow monkey flower is soft like a Mimulus sp but can tolerate drought like a Diplacus sp. The flowers are unique looking Cleveland’s Monkey flower is found from the Santa Ana mountains to southern San Diego county.

Diplacus clevelandii tolerates full sun,and part sun.
Diplacus clevelandii X puniceus, San Diego Sunrise Monkey flower

This stunning monkey flower has red flowers that fade to yellow with age. It likes full to part sun and well drained soil.

Diplacus clevelandiiX puniceus San Diego Sunrise tolerates full sun, part sun, sand,and deer.
Diplacus fasciculatus, Azalea-flowered Diplacus

This yellowish-orange monkey flower likes rocky slopes with well drained soil but it will tolerate clay. It also tolerates garden conditions if it has well drained soil. It is found in rocky areas in the Santa Lucia mountains of San Luis and Monterey y counties.


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